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Take Your Career to New


Take Your Career To New


Your NEXT Adventure Starts Here

Are you a passionate and skilled pilot, maintenance crew member, or administration expert looking for new opportunities to fly? Look no further!

We are seeking experienced individuals to join our team and fly with us on a variety of exciting missions.

We value safety and professionalism above all else, and we are dedicated to providing ongoing training and support to ensure that our team members are always at the top of their game. 

We also offer competitive pay and benefits.

If you are ready to take your career to new altitudes, we encourage you to apply now and become a part of our dynamic and talented team. 

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to fly with us!

The Sierra West Airlines AND INTERJet WEST Difference

Over 30-years in the industry

We are a successful and growing family-owned company with over 30 years in the industry.

Competitive Salaries

We offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefit package including: health, dental, vision, 401k matching, paid time off accrual, and more!

Leadership That Cares

We pride ourselves in a positive, safe, and fun work environment with a leadership team that cares about you and seeks to advance your career.


Planes & Locations: Metro (El Paso, Texas) / Lear (Modesto, California)

Gain Valuable Experience

Gain valuable experience building time working alongside seasoned pilots in the industry.

Receive Type-Ratings

Receive type-ratings in a variety of different aircraft including turboprops and jets.


We offer competitive base pay plus bonus for Captains and First Officers. Upgrade opportunities.

Continue Flight Career

Continue your flight career past the mandated airline retirement age regulations.

Interjet West Pilot Careers

Planes & Locations: Boeing 727 / Boeing 737 (Swanton, Ohio)


We offer competitive base pay plus pay per flight hour.

Continue Flight Career

Continue your flight career past the mandated airline retirement age regulations.


Option to commute from home or relocate and receive a monthly housing stipend.


Eligible for 401k immediately upon hire. Health, vision, and dental plans available.

Maintenance Careers

Hone Your Skillset

Work on a variety of different aircraft types to hone in on your skillset: from nose to tail.

Hands-On Environment

Learn in a “hands-on” environment that allows you to grow with professional mentorship.

Quality, Safety, Integrity

Ensure the quality, safety, and integrity of a growing fleet.

Opportunities to Upgrade

Have opportunities to upgrade within the ranks of our base operations.

Administration Careers

Ever-Changing Industry

Learn the challenges and excitement of working within the ever-changing aviation industry.

Team Environment

Tackle new tasks daily while working within a team environment.

Utilize Your Interpersonal Skills

Utilize interpersonal skills to interact with other employees, customers, and vendors.

Sales Incentive Program

Reach new heights in your sales career with our incentive program.

Ready to take your career to new altitudes?